IND Technology, an Australian company, designs, develops, manufactures, markets, sells and services early fault detection technology that improves the reliability of electricity networks and saves lives.

IND Technology addresses its customer’s needs by providing 24/7 continuous monitoring products and services for:
  • Medium voltage overhead distribution networks
  • Medium voltage underground cable systems
  • High voltage substations
  • Low voltage reticulation systems

The milestones achieved to date in relation to the Company include:

  • 2013

  • Establishment of IND Technology
    • IND Technology, a wholly-owned operating subsidiary of Intelligent Network Systems Limited, was established by the founding directors.
  • IP Transfer to IND from RMIT
    • One of the Company’s core patents and other intellectual property rights were assigned from RMIT University to DX Tech, a wholly-owned IP-holding subsidiary of Intelligent Network Systems.
  • Implementation of first EFD system in United Energy’s network
    • The first EFD system was installed in Victoria. United Energy commenced a trial on a 22kV feeder in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.
  • 2014

  • Ventured into Electrified Railway industry
    • An EFD system was installed on a section of Hong Kong Metro’s East Rail Line.
  • 2015

  • Implementation of first EFD system in Jemena’s network
    • An EFD system was installed within Jemena’s electricity distribution network in the western suburbs of Melbourne.
  • First two cases of pole top fires were detected by EFD system on a 22kV feeder
    • Early warnings were issued by EFD systems to users in January and February 2015 and two pole top fires took place several weeks after the initial warning.
  • 2016

  • EFD-300 was officially launched and released
    • An advanced version of the EFD system was launched into the market. This version of the system contains smart fire signature recognition algorithm and significantly smaller in size and weight.
  • Winner of the PACE Zenith Award
    • The Company’s EFD system was chosen as the winner of the 2016 PACE Zenith Aware under the category of “Best Network Implementation”. IND Technology was also a finalist in the other two categories of the same award.
  • Appointment of chairman
    • Dr Tony Marxsen is appointed as Chairman of IND Technology.
  • Winner of 2016 Fire Awareness Award
    • IND Technology’s EFD system was announced as the Finalist of the 2016 Fire Awareness Award organised by RAVC, ABC, MBF, CFA and Victoria State Government.
  • 2017

  • EFD-SWER was officially launched and released
    • The low-cost EFD system for SWER network was officially released to the market. This product will detect early sign of failure and high impedance faults in the network on 24/7 basis.
  • Finalist in Defence Energy Technology Challenge by TechConnect
    • EFD technology was selected as one of the finalists in the 2017 Defence Energy Technology Challenge by TechConnect and US Department of Defence. The uniqueness in the technology and benefits that the technology offers in electrical bushfire mitigation was recognised by the panel.
  • Appointment of Chief Technology Officer
    • Dr. Alexe Bojovschi was appointed as the Chief Technology Officer. He will look after the development of big data analytic tool as well as machine learning tool.

Senior Management

Dr Tony Marxsen

Chairman and Director

Dr Marxsen has extensive strategic and operational expertise in electricity grids and information technology, and senior experience in a range of industries, particularly in strategic, transformational and operational roles in the energy sector including the National Electricity Market and gas markets. Dr Marxsen is also the Chairman of Australian Energy Market Operator, a director of Marxsen Consulting Pty Ltd and Jancomax Pty Ltd, and a former director of VENCorp and Sustainability Victoria. He was Lead Researcher for a number of the Victorian Government’s Powerline Bushfire Safety Program’s R&D projects from 2011 to 2015. The appointment of Dr Marxsen positions the Company under his leadership to achieve what it has aspired to do from day one: deploy Early Fire Detection Technology to improve the reliability and safety of electricity distribution networks.

Dr. Alexe Bojovschi

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Alexe Bojovschi joined IND Technology in November 2017. Alexe has more than 10 years of experience in business innovation, product development, theoretical/experimental physics and engineering. He previously worked in IBM Australia, RMIT University/DSTO and VPAC. The rich experience that Alexe bought with him will ensure that IND technology is constantly staying ahead in the technology development and producing world-class products that serve the requirement of the industries.

Dr Alan Wong

Managing Director / Chief Technology Officer

Alan Wong has extensive experiences in technology research and development and commercialisation of technological product. His experiences in engineering design and product development ensure that the innovative products from IND Technology are filling the gap in the industry and meeting the demand from the industry. He is one of leading specialists in the field of electrical insulation and smart grid technology in Australia. As the Managing Director of the company, he established the vision of IND Technology and set the direction of the company and engineering team. Alan also oversees all technological aspects of IND Technology. His vision for IND Technology is to help distribution companies to build a reliable and safe medium voltage electricity networks. His ambition is to grow IND Technology into a global company.

Hubert Jahja

Executive Director / Chief Operating Officer

Hubert Jahja is a co-founder of IND Technology. He has more than 13 years of experience in business development and management in communication and real estate business. He is an accountant by training. His experiences in business development, marketing and innovative business practices are indispensable to IND Technology. Hubert is a key person in designing and implementing business strategies, plans and procedures. He helps to set comprehensive goals for performance and growth of IND Technology since its inception. He also established policies that promote company culture and vision and at the same time, oversees daily operations of the company and the work of executives.

Kokwai (John) Leu

Executive Director / Chief Financial Officer

Kokwai Leu is a co-founder of IND Technology. He has more than 14 years in professional services including audit, corporate planning and debt planning and debt capital markets. He is a chartered financial analyst (CFA) holder and accountant by training.