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About Us


Our Experience

Our senior management team has more than 20+ years of combined research and development experience in the power and high voltage engineering industry. In 2013, we decided to establish IND Technology Pty Ltd to introduce to the Early Fault Detection (EFD) product, a cutting-edge and yet powerful and cost-effective 24/7 early fault detection on the market. The EFD is designed based on patented IoT and wireless sensing principles to assist asset managers to  manage their networks more effectively. Our EFD product is designed to empower the asset management team with the data analytic and monitoring tools that they need to succeed. Ask us about how the EFD can identify multiple types of incipient faults before they develop into actual faults that disrupt services to customers. 


Our Unique IoT Approach

Our EFD product is an innovative IoT (Internet of Things) product and service to help to bridge the gaps between routine line inspections and condition monitoring system.  The features of our EFD product include continuous data streaming, big data analysis, cloud-based information management, real-time data analytics and alert and 24/7 device connectivity. We also offer various sensors that will suit different applications, while the data is hosting and processed on the same IoT platform. 


Why Us?

Data intelligences are key to effective asset management —that’s why when it comes to 24/7 continuous asset monitoring, we’re not taking the easy path. We want to give the customers the best dataset and analytic tools that they need to make informed decision. To learn more about this award winning and proven technology, call us today.

About Us

Dr. Tony Marxsen, Chairman


Dr Marxsen has extensive strategic and operational expertise in electricity grids and information technology, and senior experience in a range of industries, particularly in strategic, transformational and operational roles in the energy sector including the National Electricity Market and gas markets. The appointment of Dr Marxsen positions the Company under his leadership to achieve what it has aspired to do from day one: deploy Early Fire Detection Technology to improve the reliability and safety of electricity distribution networks.

Dr. Alan Wong, CEO


Alan Wong has extensive experiences in technology research and development and commercialisation of technological product. His experiences in engineering design and product development ensure that the innovative products from IND Technology are filling the gap in the industry and meeting the demand from the industry. He is one of leading specialists in the field of electrical insulation and smart grid technology in Australia. 

Kok Wai Leu, CFO


Kokwai Leu is a co-founder of IND Technology. He has more than 14 years in professional services including audit, corporate planning and debt planning and debt capital markets. He is a chartered financial analyst (CFA) holder and accountant by training.

Hubert Jahja, Co-Founder


Hubert Jahja is a co-founder of IND Technology. He has more than 13 years of experience in business development and management in communication and real estate business. He is an accountant by training. His experiences in business development, marketing and innovative business practices are indispensable to IND Technology. Hubert is a key person in designing and implementing business strategies, plans and procedures. 

Dr. Mu Liang


Mu Liang is the senior data analyst of IND Technology. His areas of expertise include data analytic, electrical insulation failure, nano-dielectric