Case Studies

EFD™ identifies and locates emerging faults proactively

Case Studies

A sample of what our partners are finding and addressing proactively. If you are interested to learn more, please complete the form below and we will get back to you.

Fuse Cutout

Mal-operation of primary fuse cutout

Broken Conductor Strands

End of life primary conductor (up close)

Vegetation touches

Vegetation burning off on primary powerline

Broken Conductor Strand

End of life primary conductor on a Single-Wire-Earth-Return (SWER) network

Vegetation encroachment

Vegetation encroachment on sub-transmission powerline

Conductor damage

Gunshot to primary powerline

Arcing clamp

Arcing primary clamp (cap removed)

Conductor damage

Damaged secondary powerling

Vegetation encroachment

Vegetation encroachment of primary and secondary powerlines

Conductor clash

Conductor damage due to conductor slap or clashing

Arcing secondary cables

End of life secondary covered conductor (up close)

Broken strands

End of life of primary conductor (up close)

Tracking insulators

Leakage current tracks across insulator sheds onto a wooden cross-arm

Bird caging

Bird caging on primary conductor clamp

Candling fuse

Candling primary fuse

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