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EFD Technology Solution

24/365 Network Management System

EFD technology is a continuous powerline monitoring solution that remotely detects and locates radio frequency (RF) signals emitted by incipient energy asset faults, i.e. situations likely to develop into permanent faults if left unremedied. EFD works independently of the mains-frequency operation of the power system and finds emerging low-current faults just as well as it finds high-current ones. 

The technology solution is a combination of both hardware and software elements. Its architecture comprises of wireless sensors, Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and an innovative IoT platform.

EFD's fixed sensors are placed up to 5km apart and are ‘listening’ for emerging issues.  

EFD utilises the GPS satellite network, offering very accurate time-synchronisation for signal detection, so detection's from multiple sensors can triangulate the location of an emerging fault signal source to an extremely accurate location (±10m).

The software features of EFD includes continuous data streaming, big data analysis, cloud-based information management, machine learning, real-time data analytics, system alerts and 24/7 device connectivity. Our source data is transferable and we encourage our customers to use it for other purposes.

Proven performance

EFD has been proven to successfully detect: 

  • Deteriorating and damaged overhead electrical equipment;
  • Powerline vegetation encroachment and touches; and 
  • Underground cable deterioration. 

EFD can reveal many of these conditions before they develop into electrical faults. This can guide preventive maintenance responses including vegetation management, replacement of failing and damaged equipment, and optimise pre-emptive asset replacement programs. 

In conditions of high fire or network supply risk, even faster response processes can address rapidly emerging high-risk situations detected by the EFD solution.

What can a customer expect?

An example of the emerging faults proactively found for our customers includes: 

  • Imminent pole fires; 
  • Deteriorated and broken conductors;
  • Cracked and dirty insulators;
  • Touches and close approaches from vegetation;
  • Animal-related activity;
  • Low voltage subsidiary issues;
  • Deteriorated underground and overhead cables; and
  • Internal equipment insulation breakdown in assets such as pole top transformers.

Learn More

The best way to learn  about our EFD solution is to arrange a formal presentation and demonstration by one of our subject matter experts.