IND Technology

EFD Solution

24/365 Network Management System

IND Technology addresses its customer’s needs by providing 24/7 IoT-based monitoring products and services for:

  • Vegetation management (wildfire prevention)
  • Early identification of ageing pole top equipment 
  • Early detection of broken conductor strand
  • Early detection of pole top fires in power distribution network

Products and Services 

  • Early Fault Detection (EFD) system for poly-phase systems
  • Early Vegetation Fault Detection (EVFD) system for SWER systems
  • Early Cable Fault Detection (ECFD) system for underground cables

Developed in Melbourne, Australia using state-of-the-art high speed digital signal processing technologies such as Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), wireless sensor and innovative IoT platform, the EFD system remotely monitors, detects and locates incipient faults on overhead distribution lines and underground cable systems before they develop into permanent faults. 

Proven Performance

Placing EFD units along a 5km path will provide 100+ assets 24/365 early detection and location (accuracy of ±10m) of:

  • Imminent pole fires
  • Vegetation touches and close approaches
  • Cracked and dirty insulators
  • Broken conductor strands on SWER
  • Animal-related faults
  • LV subsidiary faults
  • HV ABC with damaged shield
  • HV UG cable faults (using HFCT sensor)
  • Internal equipment insulation breakdown (e.g. transformer)

EFD identifies those assets that create the highest  risk of outage and fire starts.

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The best way to learn more about the EFD is to arrange a formal presentation and demonstration (face-to-face or via Goto Meeting) presented by our subject matter expert. 

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EFD for wildfire prevention in power distribution network