IND Technology

About Us

Why we exist

We know we remotely see things others can't, and that proactively identifying emerging electrical defects in real time can help prevent major problems and improve peoples lives. IND Technology has set out to introduce our patented Early Fault Detection (EFD) technology, a 24/7 cutting-edge, powerful and cost-effective asset monitoring solution to the world. 

The journey

At first, potential customers were sceptical, and it took some convincing. We persevered. On our reassurance we convinced our first customer to give us an opportunity. The results were almost immediate, so were the smiles and thanks from our customers. 

Today & tomorrow

We are now active in three countries. We are proudly detecting and preventing electrical faults proactively in some the highest wildfire risk areas of the world, and one of the fastest rail networks. As we continue to grow, we simply want to leave a legacy of better and more resilient energy networks. We believe this doesn’t have to be expensive, and better is achievable today.  

Led By Worldwide talent

Dr. Tony Marxsen, Chairman


Dr. Alan Wong, CEO & Founder


John (Kok Wai) Leu, CFO & Co-Founder


Andrew Walsh, COO