Early Fault Detection (EFD)

Early Fault Detection (EFD)Early Fault Detection (EFD)


A patented grid-edge system that proactively and remotely detects emerging electrical faults, before adverse consequences

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In real-time, our partners proactively, remotely and accurately find emerging electrical issues down to +/- 30 feet.

Issues are addressed, unfavourable outcomes for their operations, customers and communities are avoided. 

Our repeat customers are testimony to the benefit we are bringing. 

Our partners include both electricity and rail utilities


Early fault finding remotely, accurately and in real-time


Proven performance

Recognized innovation

Recognized innovation

Our partners take proactive action before adverse outcomes arise. They save money and build trust with the customers and communities they serve. 

Early Fault Detection

Recognized innovation

Recognized innovation

Recognized innovation

Finalist Joules Accelerator 2020

Finalist EPRI Incubatenergy Labs Challenge 2020

Winner IoT Impact Award 2018

Preventative Maintenance

24/7 peace of mind

Recognized innovation

24/7 peace of mind

Utilizing continuous monitoring from a patented hardware and software system, our partners detect and diagnose early-stage faults that are hidden.

Network issue in focus: conductor clash or slap

Conductor clash involves two powerlines coming together, under the right environmental conditions, where hot molten particles are ejected into the ground below. As it occurs the powerline conductors are damaged. 

 Conductor clash has historically been challenging to detect and locate. It will most commonly lead to power outages but has caused wildfires in the past.  The example shown below was found by the network owner in real-time, remotely and located down to 30 feet by utilizing the Early Fault Detection (EFD) system. Triggered by the EFD system alerts, it was fixed proactively before adverse outcomes.   Finding issues like this, ahead of time, is leading to safer and more reliable networks. Most importantly better community outcomes. 

Testimonials from an early Victorian trial media event

Powercor Australia




"What we can say is the results have been very promising and it’s worked the way it’s designed to. We’ll let the trial play out and then we’ll look at the deployment across our network.”

General Manager, Electricity Networks, Steven Neave

State Government of Victoria




“We know the devastating impact of bushfires in Victoria – if these positive results continue, this technology could be lifesaving.” 

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Lily D’Ambrosio 

Country Fire Authority




"In the past, we have had several fires started by faults from powerlines. If there is a system in place where that can be monitored and detected before a fire starts that is a bonus"

Country Fire Authority representative, Scott Gambino 

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