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IND.T is revolutionizing the way critical power infrastructure assets are monitored

Powerful Data Analytics

Our patented EFD data analytic and visualization dashboards help customers to perform diagnoses quickly and effectively

Smart Sensing

Patented smart EFD™ sensors allow quick and easy installation. No de-energization of lines is required, save time and money

Secure Cloud Platform

Powerful and scalable cloud platform enables customers to scale up operation and installation

Reduction of Unplanned Outages

Detecting and locating emerging faults and rectify problems proactively bring significant cost savings

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EPRI’s Incubatenergy® Labs Challenge Selects Finalists

EPRI MEDIA RELEASE – DONALD CUTLER Palo Alto, Calif.. (May 21, 2020) – From a field of more than 130 applicants, the Electric Power Research Institute’s (EPRI) Incubatenergy® Labs Challenge selected ten startups to demonstrate innovative power delivery and use technologies under the leadership of EPRI, Ameren Corporation, Tennessee Valley Authority

EFD technology prevents powerline fall in Victoria

ENERGYMAGAZINE.COM.AU – KIM HO An incident in Victoria has shown the importance of Early Fault Detection (EFD) systems, with a broken conductor strand being identified before the powerline fell. The EFD system, installed by Powercor on a 13,000V powerline in a high danger area at Porcupine Ridge near Daylesford, detected

New Technology Sounds the Alarm on Wildfire Hazards

ENERGIZED BY EDISON WRITER – DAVID SONG PHOTO CREDIT – MARIA HEDRICK Brendan Kirkpatrick distinctly remembers a windy autumn evening in October 2017 when he anxiously waited to hear back from his parents as the Nuns Fire — one of a series of fires that year — burned less than

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