IND Technology

Our goal, our passion - safe, resilient, better energy networks.

In real time, we find emerging electrical issues our customers don't know about.  

We point them to the exact locations of concern. 

Issues are addressed, unfavorable outcomes for their operations, customers and communities are avoided. 

Our partners include


Stop Searching For ELECTRICAL Issues - Find them

Proven Performance


 We have a track record of remotely detecting and diagnosing early stage  incipient electrical faults in energy networks. Our solution enables customers the ability to take proactive action before adverse outcomes arise. Our partners save money and build trust with the customers and communities they serve. Our growing business consists of rail and power utilities. We are now in three countries.  

Recognized Innovation


Winner IoT Impact Award 2018

Finalist Outstanding Startup Award 2018

Finalist U.S. Defense Innovation  Challenge 2017

Winner Fire Awareness Award 2016

Winner PACE Manufacturing Award 2016

24/7 Sensing and Monitoring


Utilising continuous monitoring from a patented hardware and software solution, we detect and diagnose incipient faults that are hidden from our customers. We have found and diagnosed at risk dangerous assets  including: cables, insulators, conductors, service wires, transformers, hot joints, poor connections and vegetation encroachments. Our repeat customers are testimony to the benefit we are bringing.

In the Press - recent success with Powercor Australia

On 28 May, 2018, in a high wildfire risk location, our IoT EFD solution identified and diagnosed a dangerous undetected incipient emerging powerline fault. This hard-to-find fault is the exact type that sparked one of Australia's worst wildfires in 2009. The electrical asset was able to be addressed prior to adverse customer and community outcomes. 

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IND Technology - North America

19w 34th Street, New York 10001, New York, USA

177 Park Avenue, San Jose 95113, California, USA

IND Technology - Asia Pacific (Head Office)

360 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000, Australia


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